Does size play a role in recruiting or do coaches focus solely on skill?

Coaches are evaluating skill, size, strength and speed. Most players may not be great at all four, but being exceptional with any of those qualities can help you get on the map or get the recruiting conversations going.

Never let someone tell you that you are “too small” or “too slow” to play college sports—if you have the talent, you can work your way to scholarship offers somewhere. Some coaching staffs sit down and determine physical sizes they are looking for at each position and may not make many exceptions, other staffs are more flexible if the skills outweigh the size issues.

Not every school may be willing to take a look—but you just need to find that one coaching staff who believes in you.

I have worked with players who may have had great measurable who lacked position skills. Since many coaches feel they can teach position skills, they may recruit players who already have the great size and speed—it just depends on how that staff evaluates players for scholarships.

Great skill, toughness and a high sport IQ can overcome a lack of size or speed.

Continue to develop great fundamentals of your position and set goals to improve your measurables.

You may not be able to control your height but there are ways to improve your skills, speed, strength and weight.

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