Dedication and Success

When you hear someone talk about why they succeeded at something, you often hear the word dedication.  When I say dedication I mean dedication being defined as the state of being dedicated, and that being to devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose.  It is the ones that put this type of effort and intensity into their abilities and training that will take that next step.  Natural skill and talent can take you far, but never as far as if you pair that with a dedication to improvement.

I have known many people who have had success in different sports and the one thing I heard when talking about growing up is their love and dedication to their sport.  Even if they played other sports, they still played 1 particular sport year round.  It was hearing about that extra hour training, or the countless hours in the gym just because they wanted to be there.  This was not only what they were good at but what they loved to do.

I can also offer you my perspective on the subject as I have had plenty of personal athletic goals reached, only after I decided to dedicate myself to it.  I always wish I had found that dedication sooner but am so glad that I did.  I started as a bench player and backup while I played through my high school career, and ended up dedicating myself to my favorite sport and playing in college and excelling after graduation as I found this dedication and drive to succeed.

But that is too easy; it is so easy to say “I’m going to dedicate myself to something”.  It is a whole different story to do it.  To put in the hours, the sweat, and the research to anything you do.  Being dedicated is not easy, but it can be so rewarding and help you in life and not just sports.  It can teach you the work ethic that is needed to excel in any environment, and how to apply yourself in those situations.

So don’t be shy, in a world like today where the information you need is so attainable with the internet.  There is so much helpful material out there so be sure to check it out.  A great start is the nfinia website, which can help you if you are dedicated or want to be to your sport,  Also the resource center has great information on helping you understand the recruiting process, which you should be equally committed and dedicated to if you want to play at the next level,  The ability to succeed relies on you, but you have to be willing to work for it, so go get it.

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