College Recruiting Checklist, part 1

Preparation is key to the game.

Don’t be late to practice.

As the school year kicks off, you should have your head in the college recruiting game and be committed to raising your potential as a future collegiate athlete.

Developing your athletic abilities, concentrating on academics and building your overall character should be a focus throughout your high school career, but there are specific steps to take and goals to meet each year of high school.

Below is part 1 of our college recruiting checklist broken down by high school year. Read it, make a mental note, share it with a friend and be on your way to being recruited to play sports in college.

Freshmen Year

The transition from middle school to high school is a big adjustment. During your freshman year, focus on getting acclimated to the new and exciting surroundings.  It is important to get off to a good start, both academically and athletically and your freshman year is a very important time.  This is the time where you will need to learn how to best manage your time to be successful.  It is during this time where as a student and an athlete you need to get comfortable with your new surroundings and start building positive relationships (especially with your new coaches and teachers).

To-Do List for Freshmen

• Feel out the new school.  Don’t be afraid to ask your new teachers for help if you need it when adjusting to your new course material and workload.

• Try to find school clubs/organizations or local volunteer opportunities that interest you.

• Get to know your new teammates, coaches and peers.  Now would also be a great time to talk to your new coach about what your goals for the upcoming season might be.

• If your high school doesn’t have your sport, consider joining a club or city league.

• Meet your guidance counselor.

• Express your interest to play athletics in college with your coaches and counselors.

Sophomore Year

As a sophomore, you should be acclimated to the high school environment and the responsibilities that come along with being a student athlete. It’s never too early to think about college, and what you’ll need to accomplish financially, athletically and academically in the next couple years.

To-Do List for Sophomores

• Train hard and continue to perform successfully as an athlete.

• Focus on academics and maintaining a high GPA.

• Compare your current GPA to the NCAA, NAIA requirements.

• Take the PSAT and evaluate your score, comparing it to NCAA, NAIA and university requirements. Also, between now and when you start taking the ACT and/or SAT you can find free practice tests on the Internet or sign-up to take classes that will assist with preparing for these tests.  One suggestion would be Kaplan.

• Research and evaluate different recruiting options (scouts, online services – like, your high school/club coach, your counselor, etc.).

• Share your findings with your parents or guardian and develop a college recruiting action plan.

Some more things to remember

As your high school career progresses and you grow as a student, athlete, and person, always remember to develop and keep a positive attitude in all that you do.  This is something that all coaches and teachers revere at all levels.  Remember to keep a good relationship with your teachers and coaches as they are there at all times to help you succeed and never be afraid to ask them for help.  Keep working in the offseason, this is the best time to improve yourself and your game.  Ask your coach what you might work on and what you can do to better yourself and continue to improve, as well as where you want to be next season and what goals you might want to accomplish.

To be continued…

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