“Don’t be, that guy!”

As signing day approaches, many talented athletes are left confused. 2 days left until there dream comes true, signing a scholarship offer and finally realizing their goal of competing at the next level.  The athlete did all they could on the field and in the classroom, all that’s left to do is decide and sign.  One major problem…many talented high school athletes only have one offer, some walk on invitations or no options at all!

One example, yet this story could be repeated hundereds of times across the country…A Indiana athlete finished 2010 with over 2,700 total yards and 34 touchdowns.  He is 6′ 200lbs and runs 4.5 40 yd dash.  Yet, with 2 days left until signing day, he remains without a solid offer.  How does this happen?

The fact is with budget cuts across the country and not enough time in the day, it is impossible for college coaches to be aware of every athlete in the country.  It has become the high school athlete’s responsibility to make college coaches aware of their success, both on the field and in the classroom.  If a high school athlete does not actively promote themselves, less talented athletes who are either local to a college or had a promotional plan in place, end up with an offer.

Only the top 5% of high school athletes are actively recruited, the remaining 7 million athletes must treat the recruiting process like an advertising campaign.  The fact is most high school athlete and parents don’t know where to start.  Our program was designed to teach the athlete and parent, to develop a plan, design promotional material and help execute the plan, if needed.  Do not be the talented high school athlete, who has to settle for whatever offer they might receive or receive no offer at all.

Don’t be, THAT GUY!!!

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